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26839, wow.
Posted by , Mon Mar-07-05 03:25 PM
>Recall, the SINGLE most impactive move made by The Founding
>Fathers was implementing "The Majority, Rules" voting system
>that England tormented them with...why? So they could
>ensure what IS CERTAINLY now phenomena, veracity, and
>hypotheses-proven Theory; that THEIR Majority, will ALWAYS

you came on some vast-vernacular, fully educated shit. lol.

well, i see it as half full. i believe that we as a black community do have our faults, but if we started working together and educating ourselves... taking power back within our own community, we dont have to worry about what the 'majority' does.

and to be honest, white people are NOT the majority. they never were. in the south, blacks have numbered whites since slavery. and with every other single nationality that moves to this country... if you add them up, we probably outnumber them.

the majority is only the majority because they have found away to stay in power. to take this power from them is to take away their 'majority status.'