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Topic subjectDEPENDS...do you see the glass half full...or
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26838, DEPENDS...do you see the glass half full...or
Posted by blaXXX, Thu Mar-03-05 05:48 PM

Recall, White-racism that gripped our ancestors is still fully Effective today; ancestors inequities such as Unequal money/power/respect, non-Executive Branch representation, and non-Corporate Exec. representation...combine to validate the failure of the Democratic voting system (for Blacks) municipally and Federally. And helps validate a "Reparate, then Seperate!" Effort.

Recall, the SINGLE most impactive move made by The Founding Fathers was implementing "The Majority, Rules" voting system that England tormented them with...why? So they could ensure what IS CERTAINLY now phenomena, veracity, and hypotheses-proven Theory; that THEIR Majority, will ALWAYS rule!