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Topic subjectBlacks: You disrepect your ancestors when you don't vote.
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26830, Blacks: You disrepect your ancestors when you don't vote.
Posted by , Thu Mar-03-05 11:35 AM
Especially the youth.

it makes me fucking sick to my stomach when i read vibe, xxl, rolling ect, and i go thru the editorial parts of these magazines and read about youth NOT voting and why. Even certain rappers making statements such as 'voting is useless.'

I dont care what your reasons are.

I wanna know this.
What the fuck did my grandmother boycott buses for?
Why did we march on washington?
What were Malcolm and Martin fighting the ignorance and racism for?
Why did ella baker organize so many black people to protest for?
What did some of these people DIE for?

equal opportunity, education, and the RIGHT TO VOTE.
To have SOME type of voice within a country built for many men not of our skin tone.

And here we are, less than one to two generations removed from an era of struggle that you cant even THINK to relate to, and you are throwing all of their hard work into the fucking garbage. throwing it back in their faces. listening to rappers who dont wanna vote sing nigga this and nigga that, (another word they foght HARD to NEVER HEAR AGAIN), but not making some type of effort to make CHANGE in this country. You might as well shit on the graves of all who have died trying to educate themselves on the political process of this country when you dont vote.

why doesnt my generation get it?

shit i got it. the first thing i did when i turned 18 was register to vote. i was raised in a household where NOT voting was NOT an option.

and here we are, throwing everything away.

it is evidence that black people have no value to,or appreciation of our history, where we come from and what we believe in.

the shit is ungrateful and a slap in the face to ALL of our ancestors who died coming here, to BE here, and to be treated equally here.