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Posted by tha8thjewel, Mon Mar-21-05 04:36 PM
>True, we haven't always supported democracy in the middle
>east, but that's the stragey now. As far as Musharraf goes,
>he's to valuable right now. In fact, he'll probably never be
>confronted at all, becuase he's helped in the war on terror.

Either you support democracy or you don't. You can't have it both ways, tell some people that they deserve democracy, but for others it has to wait because it doesn't serve the interests of a foreign power.

>>And the idea that the Iraq War was primarily about
>I beleiveb that the #1 reason for the war was to spread
>democracy thorughout the middle east. The neo-conservatives
>believe that more democracies in the world means the US is
>safer and the US remains the world leader. And I think oil
>did play into the decsion as well, but the number one reason
>was this ideological goal of the neocons.

well, if you believe that, we can't have a conversation, because you are living in a fantasy world.