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Posted by sunngodd, Mon Mar-21-05 04:32 PM
>>>It is more than that, but It's their main cause for
>>>us. The Us doesn't give a damn about those islamic
>>>dictatorships which is what I was saying fucknuts. They
>>>support any horrible dictatorship if it benefits the US.
>>>they supported the Taliban before 9/11.
>>I agree that this is the attitude that we took pre-9/11 and
>>look what it lead too. I don't think we can afford to
>Well, we might not be able to afford to, but we're sure enough
>still providing ROBUST support to the military dictatorship of
>Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan, and trying to sell him F-16's
>for some reason. The US has never cared about democracy in its
>policy in the Middle East, otherwise they would not have
>assassinated Mohammed Mossadegh, the democratically elected
>Prime Minister of Iran, or backed Saddam Hussein's overthrow
>of a popular government in Iraq.

True, we haven't always supported democracy in the middle east, but that's the stragey now. As far as Musharraf goes, he's to valuable right now. In fact, he'll probably never be confronted at all, becuase he's helped in the war on terror.

>And the idea that the Iraq War was primarily about democracy,

I beleiveb that the #1 reason for the war was to spread democracy thorughout the middle east. The neo-conservatives believe that more democracies in the world means the US is safer and the US remains the world leader. And I think oil did play into the decsion as well, but the number one reason was this ideological goal of the neocons.

or that the US has any intention of supporting an Iraqi
>government that is not pro-American and doesn't open the oil
>spigots to America at a discount and provide a base for
>further US military operations in the Middle Easy is

It true, America is in a very delcate position in Iraq. On one hand, it wants the people to choose. On the other hand, they don't want to go through all this to end up with a government that hates America. That's why the spreading democracy thing is so difficult. We'll see how it plays out.


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