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Topic subjectnamecalling? lets keep this at an 11th grade level, at least
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26819, namecalling? lets keep this at an 11th grade level, at least
Posted by sunngodd, Fri Mar-18-05 11:09 AM
>It is more than that, but It's their main cause for attacking
>us. The Us doesn't give a damn about those islamic
>dictatorships which is what I was saying fucknuts. They will
>support any horrible dictatorship if it benefits the US. Hell
>they supported the Taliban before 9/11.

I agree that this is the attitude that we took pre-9/11 and look what it lead too. I don't think we can afford to anymore.

>In the long run we're all dead. Learn up on some history. Only
>stable democracy movements come from the people and the
>people are not salivating for all over the middle east.

I already said in this post that democratic change would untimatley have to come from teh people. Right now, it looks like the people of Lebanon want Democracy. Iraqis have shown that they want Democracy. I wouldn't say that people are "salivating" for democracy all over the middle east, but we might be seeing the beginnings of a democarcy movement. Then again, maybe we're not, it's too early to tell.

>Nigga you in St. Louis. Don't try to rep my city because yours
>is fucked up bitch.

Nigga, I was born and raised in the Chi. I'm in St. Louis going to grad school


“He may be friendly, but he's not your friend." - Malcolm X