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Topic subjectYou win the award for dumbest motherfucker alive
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26818, You win the award for dumbest motherfucker alive
Posted by Bdiddy04, Fri Mar-18-05 10:57 AM

>"They turn to terrorism because they hate American policies"
>is an incredibly simplistic point of view. True, they use
>"American presence in the holy land" as a reason to hate
>America, but the truth is that the ultimate goal of many
>Muslim radicals is the destruction of any government that
>doesn't govern itself by Islamic law. And what would drive
>people to kill tons of innocent people, many of them their own
>people, in the name of some "higher cause," and think that God
>is going to reward them, has to be a more complicated issue
>than "they hate America."
It is more than that, but It's their main cause for attacking us. The Us doesn't give a damn about those islamic dictatorships which is what I was saying fucknuts. They will support any horrible dictatorship if it benefits the US. Hell they supported the Taliban before 9/11.
>It's increased terror in the short run, but it has the
>potential to spark a democracy movement in the long run.
In the long run we're all dead. Learn up on some history. Only stable democracy movements come from the people and the people are not salivating for all over the middle east.

>Put on halt? Do you have any evidence of that? I'm sure
>there's a lot that's going on that we'll never hear about.
When's the last time you heard anyone talk about Al Quaeda.

Nigga you in St. Louis. Don't try to rep my city because yours is fucked up bitch.