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Topic subjectRE: Damm Son..you be saying some dumb shit
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26817, RE: Damm Son..you be saying some dumb shit
Posted by sunngodd, Fri Mar-18-05 10:08 AM
>You know absolutely nothing. The terror movement started out
>of US foreign policy. Strictly after Bush the 1st used Saudi
>Arabia to launch attacks on Iraq.

"They turn to terrorism because they hate American policies" is an incredibly simplistic point of view. True, they use "American presence in the holy land" as a reason to hate America, but the truth is that the ultimate goal of many Muslim radicals is the destruction of any government that doesn't govern itself by Islamic law. And what would drive people to kill tons of innocent people, many of them their own people, in the name of some "higher cause," and think that God is going to reward them, has to be a more complicated issue than "they hate America."

Now the US invading Iraq did
>nothing to stop terrorism, in fact it's what the terrorist
>wanted. You don't think they're watchin g Al jazeera and
>seeing their people being killed.

It's increased terror in the short run, but it has the potential to spark a democracy movement in the long run.

Finally, The war a terror is
>at a complete halt because we aren't actively trying to
>dismantle Al Quaeda. Bin laden and Al-Zawahiri are still in

Put on halt? Do you have any evidence of that? I'm sure there's a lot that's going on that we'll never hear about.

Turn of fox News and rush Limbaugh and pay attention
>to accurate news.


>Side note- Take the picture of MY city's former mayor out your
>avy. You disrepecting his memory you dumb shit.

It's my city too. And let's say that he would disagree 100% with every point i'm making, how am I disrespecting him?


“He may be friendly, but he's not your friend." - Malcolm X