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Topic subjectRE: Damm Son..you be saying some dumb shit
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26808, RE: Damm Son..you be saying some dumb shit
Posted by sunngodd, Thu Mar-17-05 09:38 PM
>"It's clear that the Arab world needs to modernize"-Goggle
>Modernization Theory and edit your shit....Take ur
>Ethonocentric beliefs somewhere else...

care to offer some explanation?

I'm sure u have the
>same take on African countries too....

Yes I do, and what would that have to do with this discussion?

>Expound on that genius....do "WE" offer them democraZy using

Ultimately any democracy movement would have to come from within those coutries, their only so much we can do, it's up to the people to reject terrorism. The best we can do right now is help Iraq become a functioning democracy (if that's possible), and continue to stand firm against terror. Given a chance, I beleive the people will make the right choice.

“He may be friendly, but he's not your friend." - Malcolm X