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Topic subjectRE: How bout leaving a sovereign people ALONE?
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26798, RE: How bout leaving a sovereign people ALONE?
Posted by mcsinger21, Mon Mar-21-05 03:58 PM
The problem comes when women are treated so poorly that they cannot leave their home without being persecuted. They can not drive a car, talk a walk, read the books they want, listen to their own music, dance...etc...this sort of restrictive society is harmful to many people in it. They have so few rights both culturally and legally (legal rules regarding women are often barberous). Is it the US's (or any other country's) business to force reform...no. But that isn't what is drives world politics anyway(driven by money and power).
The problems people have with Islam does not involve the piety you explained, most would agree those things you mentioned bring about good descent human beings.