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Topic subjectHow bout leaving a sovereign people ALONE?
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26792, How bout leaving a sovereign people ALONE?
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Mar-17-05 09:36 PM
I mean, I know the US has to serve it's own demons. There is no way around that. But the dollar is going to have to understand that Deen don't bend for the Dollar.

That's the main difference I see between west and east *cues Buju*

-Napoleon thought the Russians were mad for burning down their own towns and cities before giving quarter.

-The Vietnam proxy war.

-The Afghanistan proxy war.

The Money doesn't win over belief. It never has, and it never will. Because there is no breaking the will of a people who answer to a power higher than their wallet, and their lustful desires.

Just leave them alone, because you won't win. It will just get ugly, and then uglier. Why even put yourself thru that? The only way to even it up is to make it a crusade.

And as you can already see, they BEEN on that program. Turn on Pat Robertson, or TBN and watch them attempt to trash Islam.

nah, fuck that.

All one really needs is Allah (SWT),The Qu'ran, the sunnah, your family, your community, and a place to pray.

all that other shit is optional.

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