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Topic subjectRE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
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26788, RE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
Posted by Medina, Thu Mar-17-05 11:43 PM
>Please take Brother
>>Malcolm X out your sig.
>why should I?

Because he would be against everything youre saying in this thread.
>>There are only two "Islamic" governments in the world today.
>>Saudi Arabia (which most Muslims laugh at) and Iran. Every
>>other country is run by secular "democracies" or dictators.
>Dictators are part of the problem too. Also, even where you
>have "democracies" the radicals have a lot of power.

LOL so basically democracy is only good when the people that the US wants are elected.
>>Most of the Muslim countries dont have oil either. The ones
>>that do (except for Iran) are friends with America and the
>>West. You have no idea what you are talking about.
>Saudi Arabia is America's friend?
BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH!!!!!!!...Its the truth though. The US will not promote democracy in that country because people will vote out the Saudis who the US oil corps do business with. You really have no idea as to what youre talking about do you?