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Topic subjectRE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
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26779, RE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
Posted by FireBrand, Mon Mar-21-05 03:54 PM
>Bin Laden might win in an election in Saudi Arabia right now
>because everyone has been educated at schools taught by
>Clerics who teach the extremist forms of Islam.

Where did you get THIS information?

The great
>thing about democracy is it leads to freedom of ideas

Explain how this is possible in democracy, and not in other models. Application might be one thing, but you specifically stated that democracy led to IDEAS.

and the
>people can be educated how they want(at least in theory).


>That sort of freedom of ideas leads to a broadening of the
>mind probably driving more people away from the type of Islam
>that is leads to the blowing up of buildings.

no, on the contrary that sort of freedom funds the CIA to create madrasses that teach militant brands of Islam to fight proxy wars the world over, and when their students/student's causes are abandoned they blow up buildings like they were trained by America to do.

If everyone in
>America was forced to be taught by the fundamentalist
>Christians and the only book we were allowed to read was the
>Bible (or an off shout of writings praising the Bible's
>teachings) most people would probably be voting Pat Robertson
>for President.

Pat Robertson isn't that far a stretch from George Bush Jr.

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