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Topic subjectRE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
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26773, RE: I wouldn't call it The West vs. Islam
Posted by sunngodd, Thu Mar-17-05 05:13 PM
>The new Iraqi givernment dominated by the Shiites want to be
>followed by Islamic law.

I don't thinks that's a given. Right now, they have a coalition with the Kurds. It could happen though, we'll see.

Is right for us to say they

If that's what they chose, we have to step out. A govenment can have Islam at it's base and still be democratic.

>Democracy what we want in the middle east
>or end of terrorism. I feel that one is not neccesarily
>synonomis with the other.

We want the end of terrorism, and we're hoping that Democracy will get us there. It might work, it might not.

However, like I said, I think that once a country becomes democratic, it's not a closed society anymore, thus one of the main factors that lead people to embrace terrorism is gone.

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