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Topic subjectRE: The Environment: Part I - Wastewater Treatment
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26759, RE: The Environment: Part I - Wastewater Treatment
Posted by Federisco, Sat Mar-23-02 04:32 AM
This post teaches alot, now i can even understand what the powerpoint presentation says :D So, what WWTPs (see, i can even do the accronyms, hah) in theory is doing, is increasing the speed of mother nature's ways of breaking down the sewage?

I saw a documentary about wastewater treatment on norwegian TV, and i remember they said the main problem was to remove tampoons and diapers before the sewage is processed.. the doc ended with the journalist drinking a glass of water that had been treated (i mean, extracted from the sewage). They said it was healthy and as close as possible to natural water (but, what they didnt mention was the things that are being added to the water to improve taste, etc. My brother is allergic to tap water, probably because the same thing that they put in pools (not sure about the name in english) has been added to give it flavour, etc. In morocco, for example, the water tastes nothing but pool water (chlor?).. Spain also has much of that taste in its tap water.)

In Spain, the bactereas that can be found in the treated water (bactereas in water is natural and being afraid of it is being unnatural*) are different than those in e.g. the norwegian or US treated water, and that is why tourists are told not to drink the water: the body isnt used to the bactereas*. So, wherever it is available, people (the local people) get their water from wells - even if it requires to fill up cans of water and carry it home. Such wells are found all over for example my pueblo - and the water is pure, from nature, from the mountains. Is the natural water in USA of so bad quality that it cant be used?

..and. Yesterday was the World's Water Day - there was much media coverage (at least here in Spain), where they told the numbers: how many who cannot get access to clear water, the average km's a person in different countries has to walk to get to decent water and how many die because of bad water quality per year. And as usually it was most focus on Africa, probably because it is the continent where water is most needed and of the poorest quality. It looked like the focus is basically on improving water quality.
But how can WWTPs be used in countries without sewage - or, are there other alternatives? Do you know what is being done about improving water quality elsewhere?

....are some okps able to describe what is being done to improve availability and quality of water worldwide?

* few countries are as "purity"-fixated as USA (similar to the "good/bad" and "us/them") when it comes to NATURE. Many dont know that bactereas are good and a part of nature/life, it is required for life to exist (vaccinations also has to do with this, where vaccinations makes the nature's immune system weak by not giving it the chance to "fight" and "work on" bacterias). Bactereas are alfa and omega of life, no? And a healthy balance should be what is focussed on - cleaniness and pureness should not be focused on. (I say that USA is extreme, but i know that the fear of bactereas, in the way i described it, is all over the west)

Part 2 out of 12+ of Federisco's quote alore (two new quotes once in a while)

"Europe is not the problem. Western civilization is. The past is dead but we can all take a look at it and see what went wrong, what went so terribly wrong.
Africans and other so-called primitive people were living in their lands, minding their own business when some people from the "West" came over with their trade, their manifest destinies, their colonialism, their diseases (influenza) and their missionaries. These Westerners wanted to spread the word that Western civilization was superior to all others. Their philosophers and scientists created theories that race was a measure of superior status and that Africans were at the bottom, Africans were the least civilized. Thus, it was justifable that Westerners take control, oppress these so-called inferior people, appropriate land and goods for sale to develop Western countries.
When the dust settled, Western civilization spread all over the globe. Native Americans died from the flu, Africans were enslaved, nations were divided, world wars were fought, atomic and nuclear bombs were dropped, history was erased, or modified to maintain the superiority of the West.
There is no way to know what could have happened had Africans and other societies never known about Western civilization.
Now, while I admit that the past is dead. Many people drag it around like a corpse that should have been buried long ago. Western civilization was a dream to some and a nightmare to others. However, few are able to get free from it. They try to prop up this decaying civilization, holding it up as a standard for the world. More and more people are beginning to see that what they stand for or believe in is dead. It's time for something new." - Nettrice

"unfortunately, many people equate white with power and/or status and pursue relationships with white people. still unfortunately, many people percieve white women as easy and kinky and pursue relationships with white women.
it's so easy to say you can't choose who you fall in love with, but that's bullshit. we choose who we open ourselves up to, for whatever reason. and, as a poet once said "if i decided to marry everyone i call my soulmate, i'd have 4 wives"
every relationship takes work. we decided that what we had was worth working for.
the thing is, most mixed relationships are based on a fetish or an insecurity. their consequences to the people involved in them can be extensive and horrendous. i am all for uplifting the human spirit, but if your husband or wife or lover or whatever wants you for the wrong reasons, then most likely you are disrespecting yourself, they are disrespecting you, and the cycle is no place for a child to enter.
usually mixed relationships are a tragedy
my marriage is for me the thing that i hold most sacred in my earth. it is the most important thing in my life. it is based on mutual respect and love, and first and foremost, on each of us coming into it with a stable conception of who we are as individuals." - guerilla_love

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