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Topic subjectIndividual homes
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26755, Individual homes
Posted by Solarus, Fri Mar-22-02 04:43 AM

Do you know of any systems for wastewater treatment in individual homes or buildings? Or even small communities?

SE wo werE fi na wosankofa a yenkyi.

Akoneaba ne agoro

"So many of those who consider themselves Afrikan centered spend so much time on themselves that they forget that the primary role of the adult in our tradition was to raise the children to improve the society for their children."- Mwalimu Baruti

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i must be a warrior. i must be an Afrikan father. i must be self-full. i must challenge myself daily to grow, to love my people in and through action. To reflect that love at all times. To be optimistic. To know that victory is in front of US.