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Topic subjectRE: texas vs austin
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26752, RE: texas vs austin
Posted by Ananse, Tue Mar-26-02 03:19 AM
Sorry 360. I couldn't resist. :D BTW check your inbox.

About building, my advisor just built himself a house. Did you know that you can even get "green" wood for structures? I think even commercial wholesale stores such as Lowe's even carries it. It's more expensive. He also has these high efficeincy windows and a loft above his house to maximize air flow and minimize heat loss. I was askign him to tell me how he learned about the technology available, he use to subscribe to this builder's magazine that has a lot of stuff in it for contractors (i'll get the name later). He said the most difficult thing about building was getting the contractors to do what he wanted even thoguht they didn't see the env. benefit. He balmed it on the South. I blame it on dumbass... come on Uta say it for me...White People c/o Utamaroho :P