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Topic subjectDon't worry! :-)
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26738, Don't worry! :-)
Posted by Ananse, Thu Mar-21-02 03:57 AM
From an engineering perspective and a public health perspective wastewater treatment has come a LONG WAY! In fact, even with shock loads, that's a sudden large load or high concentration of a contaminant that may cause death to a portion of the microorganisms within the system, we (env. eng.) are able to maintain a stable level of treatment and be well within the permit requirements. In fact on th e3 webistes that I gave for Tallahassee's Southeast Farm, the can spray that treated water directly onto the farm for crops. Florida law regualtes what type of crops can receive the water, but having been to the facility, it is truly AMAZING.

What we are finding out now is that the microbial community may change dramatically (i.e. different microorganisms dominate the community at different times), but that doesn't effect OVERALL performance. If we can get a handle on the microbial dynamics then maybe we can achieve EVEN BETTER performance results. That's kind of what I am working on right now. SO have no fear, I'm on the job. So I guess that makes me an Afrikan Sewer Scholar! :-)Sorry Solarus, I couldn't resist.