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Topic subjecta little backstage inbox convo:
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26737, a little backstage inbox convo:
Posted by Utamaroho, Thu Mar-21-02 03:44 AM
Utamaroho: Dude, your post scares me. I think im gonna start collecting and distilling rain water.

Ananse: I wrote an essay and did research for this fellowship. One thing that I originally wanted to do my graduate work on was Stormwater. Specifically the first flush effect. Basically, Civil Eng., Water resources people, Hydrologists, etc. think that after a period of no rain the air/atmosphere is clouded with pollutants (especially in urban areas, consider ATLs smog and ozone problems in teh summer). Well when the first rainfall comes, people suspect that it shoudl contain the majority of the pollutants from the atmosphere (including particulates). I found one paper in England (I believe) that said that wasn't true. All of the rainwater uniformly had similar levels of pollutants. FACT IS, No one knows, but I suspect that the First flush effect is probably true. Especially during frontal storms liek you get in the winter.

Utamaroho: Dude, STOP IT! No more drinking tap water for me. COCONUT WATER FOREVER!


1 organic banana
1 young thai coconut
1/2 juiced organic pineapple
1 cup stone rolled whole oats
1 cup (or as much as you like) of Spirulina Crystal Flakes

Blend it all together and hang on for a natural burst of energy!