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Topic subjectThe Environment: Part I - Wastewater Treatment
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26725, The Environment: Part I - Wastewater Treatment
Posted by Ananse, Wed Mar-20-02 11:25 AM
After rereading the "Nation Building Post" and talking to a few OkayP's I decided to make a series of posts regarding various aspects of environmental protection and waste treatment. I hope these posts serve to give some introductory information for some and expand the knowledge base for others. The format of the series of posts should go as follows:

I Wastewater Treatment
A. Primary Treatment
B. Secondary Treatment
1. Activated Sludge
2. Nutrient Removal
3. Community Dynamics
C. Tertiary Treatment
D. Uses for sludge
1. Land Application
a) Farm in Tallahassee

II Water Treatment
A. Physical Processes
1. Gravity Settling
2. Dissolved Air Flotation
B. Chemical Processes
1. Coagulation
2. Softening
3. Flocculation
4. Adsorption

III Bioremediation
A. What is it?
B. Electron Acceptor Conditions
1. Aerobic
2. Anaerobic
a) Nitrate/Nitrite
b) Sulfate
c) Iron/Manganese
d) Fermentation/Methanogenesis
C. Various Chemicals of concern and relative biodegradability

IV Air Pollution and Miscellaneous Env. Topics
Still working out the details of this one (you can inbox me for any ideas/requests)

The first post is a brief overview of wastewater treatment with a presentation created by Dr. C.P. Leslie Grady Jr. Dr. Grady has recently been nominated as the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professor (AEESP) lecturer for 2002. The presentation is one of the lectures he is giving this year. More on Grady: http://www.ces.clemson.edu/ees/grady/index.html If you view the presentation with the notes open on the side and bottoms of the slides you will get MUCH MORE information than the slide alone provides.

Since it's a PowerPoint presentation Frederisco (many thanks!) has been so kind as to set me up with some space on a website so that OkayP's can access it. DON"T BE LAZY; if you're truly interested, read the presentation so that we can discuss some of the various issues: