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Topic subjectSomething else to consider: FIHANKRA INTERNATIONAL
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26707, Something else to consider: FIHANKRA INTERNATIONAL
Posted by Chike, Tue Jan-18-05 08:16 AM

Fellow Diasporans Worldwide,

You can acquire free land in Ghana! Not since the days of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, and those he inspired, such as Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first President, has there been a more concerted effort by Diasporans to repatriate to Africa and make concrete contributions toward its development.

In Ghana, Fihankra International, an organization representing you has acquired a large tract of land that is now making available free to Diasporans who wish to relocate to Ghana.

Currently, houses and a civic complex are being built, periodic medical clinics are operating, farm projects are underway, and traditional institutions are being reconstituted. All designed to accomplish Fihankra's objective in Africa of building "A Way Back Home."

All of this has evolved from an historic pre-dawn which occured on 9 December 1994 in Accra, Ghana.

On that day more than 3,000 persons including, Diasporans, Chiefs from Ghana and Nigeria and dignitaries from near and far, assembled in the forecourt of the palace of the Jamestown Mantse (Chief of Jamestown) to conduct and bear witness to the historic ceremony now known as the "Purification of FIHANKRA".

The ceremony, which consisted of the ritual cleansing of two articles of African traditional authority, a specially carved stool and the skin of an animal, (both used for sitting), was conducted to atone (apologize) for the complicity of those past African Chiefs who promoted the trans-Atlantic slave trade. At the conclusion of this unprecedented atonement ceremony the newly purified stool and skin were surrendered to my custodianship on behalf of Diasporans worldwide, all of whom then customarily became Citizens of FIHANKRA.

The developments which followed the Purification of FIHANKRA, including the 1995 seven-city tour of the United States by a sixteen-member delegation of Chiefs and Queenmothers to explain the cultural and historic significance of FIHANKRA, the subsequent offer to Diasporans of more than 30,000 acres of land for resettlement and development, the various planned community construction projects including a day-care and library as well as Fihankra's international headquarters and the opening of branch offices on three continents are eloquent testimony to the history-making impact of FIHANKRA since its inception.

In the months ahead, Fihankra will continue building, from the ground up, a model community in Ghana, West Africa; inclusive of educational, medical, agricultural and cultural institutions.

We appeal to you to take this opportunity to join the growing number of Fihankra members, other Diasporans and Africans from the continent to dedicate some of your time and resources to guarantee that Fihankra programs are successful and benefit us all.

As you preview this site you will find many features that will be of interest to you, including:

How to acquire land or purchase a house in the Rosa Parks and Marcus Garvey neighborhood currently under construction;
How you may participate in the unique, personalized "Heritage Wall of Respect" project;
Information on how to become the lucky winner of a two-week visit to Ghana;
Details on how you may acquire published information on the continued work of Fihankra worldwide, and more.

Finally, it is my wish, that this site will inform you, as well as appeal to your sense of commitment to yourself, your family and the future.

On behalf of all Fihankra Citizens I want to thank you in advance for your kind support.