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Topic subjectso this is telling you all something new?
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26678, so this is telling you all something new?
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Mar-04-05 07:58 AM
A) the WTC attacks are suspect, there was alot more going on than what has been reported to us

B) our government doesn't like for the masses to know everything that is going on (which i dont necessarily disagree with) however, if the U.S. government was indeed responsible for the 9/11 attacks that killed thousands of people, I would like to know why: (and no, "da white man government be just evil and corrupt" aint gonna cut it)...

C) our government (or shadow governments *cue x-files music*) will waste no time in assasinating those who get in their way.

- none of this is new shit, 99% of you mofoes already THINK/KNOW this so what is so special about this story? im just curious.