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Topic subjectwhat criteria was used to appoint him leader of africa?
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26522, what criteria was used to appoint him leader of africa?
Posted by mambo_ndimi, Wed Feb-16-05 06:02 AM
I never quite understood that one and i think thats why historians generally ignore the title.

>Um, that's a distortion. Ever heard of the Black Star Liner??? >What do you think it was for???

oddly, you're both right. at one point Garvey proposed that every community where the Negro lives should be developed by him in his own section, in order to control that section. as well as segregating himself residentially in that community.

but this idea was heavily opposed by 'white racists' and he turned to the idea of building a powerful Black state in Africa. because the United States belonged to white men its Negroes should surrender their heritage and get out. and the Klu Klux Klan heavily endorsed the idea (duh!).

never struck me as much of a realist, but nevertheless a great figure in black history.

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