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Topic subjectLol... DuBois was hardly a conspirator
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26520, Lol... DuBois was hardly a conspirator
Posted by brokenchains79, Sat Feb-19-05 07:05 PM
There were literally people trying to do him in, DuBois just made comments.

"me as a black man will not
stand here and allow you to
talk dumb shit about white
women that simply is not true"

"If I see things unseen by
those who have eyes, why
should my wisest speech not
be silence?"
-Ayi Kwei Armah

Well, for me exile means
separation from people I love.
I didn't, and don't
miss the U.S., per se. But
black culture, black life in
the U.S., that African
American flavor, I
definitely miss. The
language, the movements, the
style, I get nostalgic about
-Assata Shakur