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Topic subjectRE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
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26505, RE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
Posted by Chike, Thu Feb-17-05 07:48 AM
>I don't have that book, but i Googled some of the titles.
>It seems to me that he wanted a strong Africa as sort of a
>"home base" for blacks around the world. He was saying that
>Blacks should build up Africa, including some of us going
>there to help build it.
>But still, many people think that Garvey's solution to the
>race problem was as simple as "Black people should go back
>to Africa," which isn't the case at all. That's the
>misconception i was trying to refute.

Understood. And if you look back at my initial response, with the use of the words "solely figurative", you can see I was just trying to make sure people didn't go from thinking he found it mandatory that every single black person in the world go back to thinking that going to Africa was not at all part of his plan.

Glad we've collectively given a nuanced view.