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Topic subjectRE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
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26503, RE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
Posted by Chike, Wed Feb-16-05 11:49 PM
>I think you're the one simplifying, this is a common
>misconception about Garvey. He talked about "returning to
>Africa," but show me where a main part of his program
>consisted of actually taking black people back to live in

I know you've already seen reply #6, but if you've got a copy of the Philosophy & Opinions, check out some of these pieces:

Vol. I:
The True Solution of the Negro Problem (pp. 52-53)
Belief That Race Problem Will Adjust Itself a Fallacy (57-58)
Africa for the Africans (68-72)

Vol. II:
Speech Delivered at Madison Square Garden (118-123)
Part III (351-412) (deals with interest in Liberia - see especially 380-381)

For my part, I am realizing that the Black Star Line meant a lot more than I previously noticed.