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Topic subjectRE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
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26502, RE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
Posted by sunngodd, Wed Feb-16-05 05:56 AM
>Um, that's a distortion. Ever heard of the Black Star
>Liner??? What do you think it was for???

Conducting commerce with black countries in the west indies and africa.

>If you think "Africa for the Africans" was solely
>figurative, then you're simplifying what he was about.

I think you're the one simplifying, this is a common misconception about Garvey. He talked about "returning to Africa," but show me where a main part of his program consisted of actually taking black people back to live in africa. Do your research, the Black Star Line was for establishing trade with black countries.


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