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Topic subjectRE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
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26501, RE: So Marcus Garvey was the "president" of Africa ??
Posted by Chike, Tue Feb-15-05 01:19 PM
>>****i didn't know that...of course it wasn't a real
>No, he called himself the "Provisonal President of Africa."
>A common misconception of the Garvey's "Back to Africa,"
>movement is that he was advocating that all black people
>actually return to Africa; he wasn't. He was really just
>talking about Pan-Africanism, where black people all over
>the world become econmically self-sufficent and cooperate
>with one another. "Back to Africa" meant psycologically,
>not physically.

Um, that's a distortion. Ever heard of the Black Star Liner??? What do you think it was for???

If you think "Africa for the Africans" was solely figurative, then you're simplifying what he was about.