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Topic subjectthat shit is a good ass read
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26497, that shit is a good ass read
Posted by naame, Mon Feb-21-05 07:27 AM
niggas in gd wasn't even paying attention to it.

you notice how the one talking about his feelings getting hurt was the same on talking about economic parity and equality and inclusion. He felt as though they were lacking that in the Republican party, then when they stated that the Republicans weren't including people on local economic decision making and the democrats weren't either nobody said anything.

I'm thinking, the only reason they got a majority in the senate is because all the old white democrats switched parties! So of course they ain't try and include you, these old white men are looking out for their own interests and their families interests. They aren't focused on how they can do the best for the majority of the people in this state.

Nowadays silence is looked on as odd and most of my race has forgotten the beauty of meaning much by saying little."

-- From Toni Morrison's new book, "Love"

in the West, when you see a chick who is prostituting you start thinking of all the things she could have done rather than hookin': UPS is hiring, McDonalds is hiring, they're hiring at the mall. you think she's either fucked in the head, cracked out, a freak or addicted to "easy" money

in most parts of Africa, ain't NOWHERE hiring. i mean people with degrees go for years without being able to get a job at some fast food joint. everybody's just hustling with whatever they have to make something out of nothing


silver spoon in mouth having , light skinned mutherfucker, fuck a proper upbringing