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Topic subjectRE: How do we know
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26454, RE: How do we know
Posted by Rexdale, Tue Feb-15-05 03:03 PM
How do we really know that N.korea will actually use their nukes? I really think the only country willing to use them, in one way or another is America. The only reason the US cares that N. Korea has them is that it's willing to share it's tech. with other nations, i.e. Iran, which I think wouldn't be such a bad thing. Best believe the US wouldn't be invading nations if they had the bomb.

Nukes are horrible, but it's NOT fair that only a select few nations, mainly white nations have them, and the developing world isn't allowed to have them. Let's be real, no nation is STUPID enough, no matter how nuts, to use nukes, because that would only set off a domino effect that would probably lead to the death of everyone.

All of ya'll should worry about the US and it's research into less destructive nukes, because that's more dangerous to me than the conventional, doomsday bomb.