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Topic subjectLet me take a step back real quick...
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26450, Let me take a step back real quick...
Posted by jerzCenator, Wed Feb-16-05 07:25 AM
>foks, if you live in the U.S. you are probably well aware
>that other nations do not like us.

But you have to look at the reason why they don't like the U.S. government. To many peoples from countries around the world, the U.S. government are the real terrorists. I wouldn't say they dislike the majority of everyday Americans, just the government. It's not MY government, as those in control do not have any policies or programs designed to benefit me and MY people. And if you don't know why N. Koreans and most of the "developing" world doesn't like the U.S. government, then someone needs to school you.

>knowing this, as a citizen of the U.S. it should scare you >that a ruthless dictatorship in North Korea claims to have >harnassed the power of the atom.

First, you gotta define a dictatorship (and also a democracy) man. To me, the U.S. is a form of dictatorship (or oligarchy if you wanna be all politically specific). Any country where the people, US, have had to fight for basic human rights against the government we are SUPPOSED to control, is NOT a democracy. If you don't agree with this statement do some real historical research, not ya highschool or college textbook, and you'll realize that the people of this country have had to fight for every single right we enjoy today. Most of the government's allies that are so-called "democracies" have some of the most corrupt governments and officials and the planet, but they turn a blind eye to it for resources, labor, and other forms of exploitative support.

>see, hundreds of thousands of people are
>dieing in that lovely country because it is ruled with an
>iron fist. it is absolutely bankrupt and the only way it can
>make money is by selling its nuclear weapons to

You have to realize the role that the U.S. government and other Western imperialist powers have played in this. I'm not gonna go into this because the other replies have shown the truth. If you think people are making this stuff up, then do your own research (the comments of of a deceitful media, lying pundits and other propagandists are not applicable).

>thus, the proliferation of nuclear weapons
>has the wonderful possibility of vastly increasing across
>the globe. weapons that cannot be traced which will most
>likely one day blow up, spewing your families arms and legs
>miles away and leaving your skin hard as a rock. that if you
>are lucky enough to be within the blast radius. the U.S.
>isnt worried about the democractic countries holding weapons
>of mass destruction because power changes hands in those
>countries every few years. however, in a dictatorship, one
>group could hold power without the consequence of being
>voted out peacefully.

Does anyone truly believe that any country (except possibly the U.S.) will use its nukes? People have already explained the results, the basic destruction of the entire world. In the case of Korea and other countries that have developed nuclear technology, it's just to get some leverage against forces like the U.S. government. They're just trying to remove America's foot off their neck.