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Topic subjecta little common sense please
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26445, a little common sense please
Posted by foxnesn, Fri Feb-11-05 10:31 AM
foks, if you live in the U.S. you are probably well aware that other nations do not like us. knowing this, as a citizen of the U.S. it should scare you that a ruthless dictatorship in North Korea claims to have harnassed the power of the atom. see, hundreds of thousands of people are dieing in that lovely country because it is ruled with an iron fist. it is absolutely bankrupt and the only way it can make money is by selling its nuclear weapons to groups/countries. thus, the proliferation of nuclear weapons has the wonderful possibility of vastly increasing across the globe. weapons that cannot be traced which will most likely one day blow up, spewing your families arms and legs miles away and leaving your skin hard as a rock. that if you are lucky enough to be within the blast radius. the U.S. isnt worried about the democractic countries holding weapons of mass destruction because power changes hands in those countries every few years. however, in a dictatorship, one group could hold power without the consequence of being voted out peacefully.