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Topic subjectyou say that like starvation is their national policy
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26407, you say that like starvation is their national policy
Posted by spirit, Mon Feb-14-05 05:35 AM
there are plenty of countries with starving people in them (including our own), is military invasion and violent overthrow the proper way to address each case of this? the people "celebrating" this are people who are glad to see that DPRK's nukes are keeping "military options" (a.k.a killing a lot of Koreans) off the table (and, by the way, running your country in a way in which starvation occurs is no justification for bombing said country and killing even MORE of its citizenry, since we have not yet invented bombs that incinerate debris and otherwise avoid injury to civilians or critical infrastructure, to the contrary, we go in blowing up roads, power plants, houses, etc).

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