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Posted by Harmonia, Mon Dec-22-03 04:28 PM

> We live in a world of racism due to the popularity of
>thinking one kind of peoples more superior than the next,
>and if I'm not mistaken, this has been going on since the
>beginning of time.

Racism and racial identity came much, much later than the emergence of human civlizations. If you were to ask a sub-Saharan African before colonial contact if they were black, they wouldn't know what the fuck you were talking about.

> Mmmm...too bad this ain't true. Racial categorizing
>include facial features as well as the shape and development
>of the entire body (or the bones), so to speak.

If this were in fact always true, you're classification of 3 races would surely be complete bullshit. This is not to say that those who are foolish to believe in biological races don't use other parts of their human body in their twisted ideology, but just look at how you classified the races in your opening post. Again, facial characteristics.