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Topic subjectRE: There IS a meaning for the word "RACE"!
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2639, RE: There IS a meaning for the word "RACE"!
Posted by neenit, Sun Dec-21-03 01:26 PM
I would have to agree with whoever was arguing with you. Basically race is bullshit. There is not much science behind it. Its a social classification system. Cmon how are you going to say that arabs are caucasion or people from Northern Africa are caucasion. You are turning nationalities in to racial categories which confuses the situation even more. RACE is just a broad classification system that Europeans used to nationalize themselves and dominate the world. Basically its bullshit, but they seem to have people chasing their tale trying make sense out of it!!! It is bullshit cmon capoids Austroids what about the hispanics what race are they. This just as funny as the coppleblasions or whatever Tiger Woods is