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Topic subjectThere IS a meaning for the word "RACE"!
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2627, There IS a meaning for the word "RACE"!
Posted by soulgyal, Sun Dec-21-03 12:02 PM
Ok, all of you who read my posts know that most of the time, i'm just letting off some steam. So once again, i'm back with yet something else that pisses me off...

Does it bother anyone else when you start or join in a discussion about race and you try to use the words "black," "white," etc., thinking that most people would know what you mean by now, but there's ALWAYS that ONE guy that has to test your words and try to reverse 'em on you; start talkin about how "I know an Indian that's pitch black coloured! He's a black Indian! So race doesn't mean anything!" or some crap like that...

I mean...really. You'd think that you wouldn't have to explain that type of stuff to people, but apparently some folks need things spelled out for them.

Most of the time, when we talk about RACE we mean it more according to the features than the colours. And going by features, the simplest way to classify the races of man is to go by the three major races, which are...the Mongloids, the Negroids, and the Caucazoids. You can classify all man into these three, or go into the technicalities which include the mixtures of these three or simply giving people of the world sub-classifications ( wording?) according to where they live. Please keep in mind that skin colour really has nothing to do with it and different societies have built on the idea of races going along with a certain "colour". All people from all races can range drastically in colour.

In a general sense, Mongloids include East Asians, Oceanic people, Arctic people, and the Native Indians of the Americas, whose features may or may NOT include almond-shaped eyes, or prominent cheek bones. Negroids include the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa, whose features include thick lips, wide noses, and tightly coiled hair. Caucazoids include Europeans, West Asians (the Middle Easterners), and North Africans whose features include varying hair and eye/colour annd..(something i'm forgetting. I'll remember it later on, though). Please keep in mind that YES I realize that these features MAY happen in any of these races, but they are MOST prominent in the ones I have connected them with.

Now the technicalities include the fact that entire people's are a mixture of these three races including Hispanics who may be a mixture of all three, because of the mixing of the slaves, European masters, and the native indians of Central, South America and the Caribbean. And you can go so on and so forth when looking at a distinct peoples who have had a great deal of interracial encounters in their history.

Another technicality is the breaking down of these three major races (which I think simply confuses the situation). The indigenous people's of Southern Africa are known as Capoids, simply because their features do not resemble pure Negroid features, but are also a mix of Mongloid features as well. You can either acknowledge this mix, call them Capoids, or simply call them Negroids in the general sense that they still have dominating Negroid features. The indigenous peoples of Australia seem to be another mixture of Mongloid and Negroid and are called Australoids. Once again, you can either acknowledge the mixture, call them Austroloid, or call them Negroid because of their dominent Negroid features. And so on and so forth.

So next time somebody tries to hit me up with a "So and So is this colour, so race means NOTHING!" piece o' nonsense. Pleaze keep in mind...that those words mean nothing to me.