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Topic subjectfor the last damn time
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26256, for the last damn time
Posted by foxnesn, Thu Mar-17-05 08:23 AM
i agree with what M2 is saying. i never said i disagreed with what he has said. he has told me he doesnt 'disagree' with the stats i put up (which have been backed up and analyzed by the wall street journal, the economist, business week). i told him what he says was neither here nor there since that isnt the point im trying to make. it amazes me how foolish you all become when i can call people out on something as basic as the tax burden. i state the obvious because its been said on here that the rich dont pay taxes. clearly the rich DO pay taxes because they pay over 50 percent of the total govt income. im not talking about individual tax burdens. you guys know that i have called you liberals out on the whole whiney 'oh the rich dont pay anything' arguement and now you look for some cheap way to say, oh you are wrong look you are wrong. then you say that my numbers are not wrong but that im not telling the whole truth which is a bunch of bullshit considering my point wasnt to harp on individual taxes in the first place. you've all put words into my mouth to heal your own egos beause you knnow my simlpe facts are correct and that the rich carry the burden. how mny times do i have to repeat myself.