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Topic subjectyou mean the one where he says this:
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26255, you mean the one where he says this:
Posted by tohunga, Sat Mar-12-05 04:56 PM
"You've basically stated a basic mathematical fact that has ZERO to do with the difficulty of a particular income group to shoulder their share of the tax burden.

The issue is: "Which income group's standard of living would be improved the most by a tax cut" "

...you know, he's made it pretty clear that there is more to the issue than whether or not your facts are correct. i don't know if anyone has said that your initial post is incorrect, actually. it's just that it's one very simplistic statistic taken from a complicated equation. and this just isn't an issue that you can reduce like that. it's one of those "the truth, but not the whole truth" type of statements.

now are you going to try and tackle the point that he's raised here? because you seem to be avoiding it like the plague.