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Topic subjectYou've obviously gone daft
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26253, You've obviously gone daft
Posted by M2, Fri Mar-11-05 07:15 PM

I wasn't trying to disabuse your point about which income group pays the highest % of the tax collected, simply making a larger point about impact which is what the "liberals" are talking about when they say the Rich don't pay enough taxes or the lower income groups are carrying a harder burden.

My initial response pointed out how elementary your point was and how it had little relevance to the discussion of individual burdens.

Instead you go back to claiming I'm trying to disprove your original point, I never was - just questioned the relevance to a discussion on individual burdens.

But as usual - you'll miss that point and instead go back to claiming that your original point wasn't wrong and engaging in argumentum ad hominem instead of addressing the counter-point of relevance and individual impact.