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Topic subjectUmm you missed the point
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26246, Umm you missed the point
Posted by M2, Fri Mar-11-05 01:15 AM

I never disagreed with Fox's point, I just questioned the relevance.

The Rich have more money to be taxed, so even in a situation where the poor paid a higher % of their money to taxes than the Rich - wealth people ON AGGREGATAE would pay a higher % of the total tax collected.

Simple Math.

So simply stating that the wealthy pay a higher % of their income to taxes, is analogous to stating the sky is blue and has little to do with which income group ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS suffers the greatest financial impact from their taxes.

That's what Tax Burden is about.

If you make $150k/yr - paying $4k extra in taxes won't have much of an impact on your quality of life - while a family living off of $40k could find themselves getting behind on their bills.

Obviously, the same goes if you give the $150k family and the $40k family each a tax cut of $4k.

It's about individual impact - not stating obvious facts of 4th grade math.