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Topic subjectstop putitng words in my mouth
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26245, stop putitng words in my mouth
Posted by foxnesn, Fri Mar-11-05 07:59 AM
>The issue is IMPACT on an Individual's finances.
>If the % of the total tax collected that comes from the Rich
>increases, you have to look for two causes: Did their tax
>rates go up OR did their Tax Bills remain stable while the
>overall amount of tax collected decreased?

um...ya i know this. i learned this in kindergarden. maybe it took your slow ass until 4th grade to figure it out.

>You and Expertise are descending into a new level of hackery
>as you try to argue basic math and ignore the fact that people
>are arguing tax burden as a function of individual impact,
>rather than where tax dollars come from on aggregate.

what are we argueing besides the fact that the rich pay over 50 percent and will pay higher in the coming years? we are argueing nothing. i understand the two causes for this but its neither here nor there. *chuckles*