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Posted by Expertise, Tue Mar-08-05 09:17 AM
It is about the percentage. Your taxes are based on how much income you pull. Taxes don't dictate how much you make; it's the other way around.

If Family A makes $200,000, they deserve to keep as much of the $200,000 as possible. Just because they have more money after paying their taxes than Family B does not make it unfair; after all, they made more money to justify it. If you paid four times as much money, you should be able to keep four times as much of your income as the other family.

But this is all moot anyway because there are people being taken . Upper income earners are going to have the load of the burden, yes, but that's not all that's aiding lower income earners to that point. That same link also kills the idea that rebates and credits are not significant factors leading to the burden as well.
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