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Posted by RexLongfellow, Mon Mar-07-05 08:35 PM
>The fact is that it's the truth. The burden is continuing
>to be placed on the higher wage earners while people
>continue to be taken off the tax rolls, despite the
>propaganda of the left.
>Your "4th Grade Math Lesson" would be relevant if you could
>prove that lower income people are paying a higher
>percentage of their income than upper income earners. Of
>course, you can't.
It's not about the percentage. It's about the amount that % amounts to. If you're STARTING OFF with less, EVEN after the same % is taxed, the IMPACT will be GREATER for the family making less.
If family A is making $200,000/yr. and is taxed 20% = $40,000
If family B is making $50,000/yr. and is taxed 20% = $10,000

Family A is paying more in taxes, but the taxes paid by Family B is impacting their family a lot more than Family A. The tax on Family B is hurting them more financially.

In order for that to happen, lower
>income earners would still be paying a significant share of
>taxes, and they aren't because a considerable amount of wage
>earners are having their taxes offset by rebates and tax
If the top 5% are making THAT MUCH MORE than the bottom 95%, there's no chance that they can pay a significant share, because their starting share is SO MUCH LESS than the top 5%.
As for tax credits and rebates, that's not even going to affect the argument. The point is, if you start off with less, your share of taxes paid are going to be significantly less, even if the percentage is the same.

>Regardless, Fox's statement is correct: the upper income
>earners pay the bulk of the taxes, and that hasn't changed
>under Bush. In fact, the burden continues to get bigger.
Nobody's arguing that the rich don't pay a large portion of taxes. For the most part everyone agreed on that The arguments were:
A. Someone said that people complained that the rich paid NO taxes, or not their fair share (which was disputed)
B. The impact on the percentage of taxes were minimal, when in fact, the taxes are felt more by the lower and middle class than the rich, because it's more affordable.

The bottom line is that even though the rich pay more in taxes, they have more to spend, while the lower and middle classes will feel taxes a lot more in their wallet, especially when the percentages are the same.