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Topic subjectthere's no argument to "try" to make.
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26227, there's no argument to "try" to make.
Posted by Expertise, Mon Mar-07-05 08:06 PM
The fact is that it's the truth. The burden is continuing to be placed on the higher wage earners while people continue to be taken off the tax rolls, despite the propaganda of the left.

Your "4th Grade Math Lesson" would be relevant if you could prove that lower income people are paying a higher percentage of their income than upper income earners. Of course, you can't. In order for that to happen, lower income earners would still be paying a significant share of taxes, and they aren't because a considerable amount of wage earners are having their taxes offset by rebates and tax credits.

Regardless, Fox's statement is correct: the upper income earners pay the bulk of the taxes, and that hasn't changed under Bush. In fact, the burden continues to get bigger.
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