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Topic subjectGreat answer. I remember we talked about this
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26165, Great answer. I remember we talked about this
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-02-05 11:22 AM
like 3 years ago it seems. Had to have been at least 2 on AIM, and you were telling me of the possibilities in Ethiopia alone if there was a alternative energy use.

We talked about power outages, etc and how that can't be condusive for business.

Look at India. They are outsourcing out there like crazy, and the only areas of the country with a stable, sturdy energy grid is where multi national countries have set up shop.

it's very transparent, very ugly and it makes 0 sense.

If I was rich, I'd gather the best engineers in the world and go county by county, parish by parish in a developing country experiencing brain drain and just watch as that country pulls of a Japan or an Isreal.

You got countries doing nothing but intellectual capital because they got a stable economy- what of Afrika and her resources?

man it's crazy.


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