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Topic subjectRE: The knuckledraggers aren't even considering it...
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26162, RE: The knuckledraggers aren't even considering it...
Posted by BILL_THA_PHARMACIZT, Thu Mar-03-05 05:28 PM

the solution is to cut back... but the public won't vote for politicians that convey that message....and Corporations won't sponsor them either.

Corporate greed is only part of the problem... there's still the basic biological issues involved.

any organism is programmed to populate ... we've used oil to develope medicines and cultivate and transport large quantities of food...as a result the world popualtion in the last 100 years has gone from 1 billion to 6.5 as a result of our energy consumption.....now we have nuclear weapons and the power to destroy everything on earth at any second.

we're going to crash - the only questions anyone should be concerned with is how to adapt.goverment "policy" is taking place independent of public virtue - they do what they want.