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Topic subjectYou said it. It's about money. Think of the conversion.
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26160, You said it. It's about money. Think of the conversion.
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Mar-02-05 09:41 AM
It would cost billions for the world to change over from fossil fuels to alternative methods. Before that change can be facillitated, the folk tryin to make the most money are gonna have to corner the market on alternative crossover and materials.

Another issue about renewable sources of energy is that it just don't fit into our economic system. If it aint scarce, how can you price it? If every tom dick and moe can charge up his ride in the back yard, service his own solar cells- how can you make income past the initial sale?

you can't.

Besides. with China growing at the rate it is, and with all that Natural gas in the Central asian republics?

shoot. YOu can be rich off of China alone.

when you look at Emerging markets in Africa, and South America? There is a lot of money to be made. If u are a business man rubbing elbows with heads of state u went to grad school with of course u fittna try and work that network.


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