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Posted by aflakete, Sat Mar-05-05 06:18 AM
>yeah. '97-'99
>that period was VERY interesting.
>I know the Dollar is BAD OFF right now, but it was fittna be
>worth NOTHIN if Clinton had not made some deft moves at the
>right time.
>See, he was LISTENING to his advisors. Bush aint. He just
>fittna secure ALL the Oil. It's obvious that he's hedging
>all his bets on the US and Britain controlling the world's
>aint it?
>u don't agree?

yeah.. and i think we agree on who the USA may be doing it against.
Plus Bush is Bush and represents some private interests too.

but he can't.
he can't secure Russian Oil
and he can't secure half of African oil.

Funny fact:
there was a weird economical phenomenon in September.
The Oil production has never been that High, the consumption was average, the Prices were beating records.
Now who was orchastrating THAT ?
and why ?