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26148, lol
Posted by aflakete, Sat Mar-05-05 06:03 AM
>You kidding me? I never heard that. Wow. Everything I
>came across was talking about Italy and Greece.
>Interesting. are you from Europe?

Italy and Greece were FAR behind.
Shit Greece joined later because they were that far from the requirements.
That they haven't matched yet.
But Ireland and the Benelux countries were the only ones to achieve all the requirements.

Oh i'm Afrobongo.
And yeah i used to be smart and to study economics

>>>You then look at that with the timing of the asian crises-
>>>right about the same time about '97. At this same time
>>>there was no fly zone issues with Iraq.
>>>It was all coming together at the same time.
>>>ex the Germans I guess.
>>>But the French, and Russians to be sure had vested interests
>>>in Saddam's government cus he owed them ALOT of money.
>>i'm lost again.
>>but i'm easily get lost in conspiracy thoeries.s
>>so don't mind me.
>It isn't a conspiracy theory. It's the plain truth. Saddam
>and other OPEC countries had been considering the EURO and
>later Saddam made the decision to make the switch for Iraq.
>It's documented.

I know it. and they were vocal about it.

>This was going down as it looked like the US was in REAL trouble >when we had to bail out Mexico, and the IMF was talking about I >think it was Brazil or Argentina going down.

except that Brazil made better choices thna Argentina.
(just like Malaysia and their neighbourgs)

>With all this in consideration, the Dollar looked like it
>was in some real trouble.

2005: The Dollar is in its worse shape since... forever:

Dollar: 63.8% of worldwide savings
Euro: 19.7 of worlwide savings

i dunno..

>I didn't try to make a connection
>with the Contagion issue, the Euro qualification issues and
>the no fly zone. I just stated that they happened all at
>the same time.