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26146, hmmmm
Posted by aflakete, Sat Mar-05-05 05:34 AM
>At the time tho, there were alotta countries scramgling to
>make the cut for the Euro, and some folk were thinking that
>if some of the coutries with high debt didnt make it that
>the Euro would be stronger than the dollar very quickly.

The problem is:
Germany and France couldn't meet the requirement either.
So I doubt Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium could have a currency that could compete with the Dollar.

>You then look at that with the timing of the asian crises-
>right about the same time about '97. At this same time
>there was no fly zone issues with Iraq.
>It was all coming together at the same time.
>ex the Germans I guess.
>But the French, and Russians to be sure had vested interests
>in Saddam's government cus he owed them ALOT of money.

i'm lost again.
but i'm easily get lost in conspiracy thoeries.s
so don't mind me.